Transylvania rich in history, quirky delights


The Transfagarasan Highway slithers along a hillside behind Thomasina Burke.(Photo: Thomasina Burke/Special for The Republic)

When my husband Bill and I decided to travel around eastern Europe this summer, we looked for countries we had not visited before.

Hmm, how about Romania?

Conjuring only the typical Dracula and Roma (gypsy) images, we were lucky to find a Romanian friend who helped us plan the perfect trip. I am so grateful that she did because it was truly enchanting and different from anywhere else we have traveled.

We landed at the Targu Mures Transilvania Airport and jumped into our rental car. Immediately, we felt as if we had traveled back in time as we shared the road with horse-drawn carriages carrying families in brightly colored traditional clothing. The horses were decorated with large red pompons on their bridles.

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