Why Salt and Light ?

by John Urs

Salt& LightWe live in a time of tremendous progress but in the same time of a tremendous moral degradation and ethical confusion. Today it is so difficult to make a distinction between right and wrong because the only moral bench-mark is the man itself and his selfish ideas.

You’ll say: “This is good, because this is a sign of a mature and free society.” In a way I can’t deny that, but unfortunately humanity proved more than once in her history that the humans can’t be objective and that’s why somebody’s freedom means somebody’s oppression and offense.

Jesus was the only one who declared the existence of an objective truth and this truth is God himself. That’s why we need to find answers for our life and behavior relating to this unchanging and objective truth.

When you’ll know the truth the truth will set you free and you’ll become more than what you’ll ever imagine: the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

The purpose of salt is to stop the process of entropy, to preserve this earth and keep it morally clean and make it a nice home for our temporary travel. The purpose of light is to enlighten the human spirit to give the man the status he had before darkness started to take over his soul, and to make him a witness of the fact that the real light can’t be found in the darkness of this age but in Jesus.

In other words the purpose of this ministry is to help people like you to make a difference in your own life and the life of others.

So help us God!


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