The Deceitfulness of Sin

by John Urs

“That when the wicked sprouted up like grass And all who did iniquity flourished, It was only that they might be destroyed forevermore.” Psalm 92:7


In these last days the mass media was almost obsessive repeating two names again and again: Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears.

What both of these ladies have in common is… popularity and UNHAPPINESS. Maybe you were expecting another answer, but this is what I understand more and more as the news are still coming.

There are few things that we need to always remember:
first, we are all humans: second, beauty and wealth are not the guarantee of happiness: third pride is before stumbling.

I remember when few years ago all the teenagers were talking, singing and dressing like Britney Spears and not long after that I’ve heard that something interesting happened they started to hate her. Why did they love her? Because they saw her as a perfect example of nonconformist of rebellion and success. Why did they hate her? Because she became so proud? and started to mock and ignore her very own fans. All she wants is celebrity. Somebody said that a hypocrite is a person who wants to become famous, and when that’s happening is wearing sunglasses not to be recognized by the people.
In a way this is Britney’s story. It looks like she didn’t learn her lesson yet and is still trying to “shock” the public with her appearance and other personal details disclosed by the scandal media.

Anna followed the same celebrity pattern: a turbulent life with popularity and scandals, and more than that a really tragic end.

Both of these ladies have great accomplishments and great failures, failures being predominant. Both failed in marriage, and it looks like this became a mark of a true vip.

Actually being a vip is associated with immorality and almost everybody believes that you can’t be successful without being immoral. There are fewer and fewer people that believe that you can be happy without being immoral.

This might look like something new, but started a long time ago: in the Garden of Eden. There we heard for the first time these words: ” Your eyes will be opened; and you will be like God…” Since then all humans are following the same receipt: DISOBEDIENCE to find their happiness.

God is a very good and a very practical Teacher, He is teaching us with the top news and newspaper headlines that this thing didn’t work then and will not work now!!!

What a tragedy to repeat the same mistake again and again without ever learning the lesson… There is no happiness for the immoral? and no peace for the wicked.

Why don’t you learn how to be popular from Joseph, David, Daniel, Elisabeth, Mary and many others that were faithful and obedient to their God. Look how God made them famous and happy using things we try to avoid today: meekness, suffering, needs, anonymity and other qualities we run away from.
This endless chase for meaning is going on by ages now and people still don’t get it. You can’t live a meaningful life without your Creator!!! You don’t need to receive worship from you fans, you need to worship before your Creator and this will bring an unexpected and unbelievable joy and happiness in your life.

I said at the beginning that these two ladies forgot those three things, and actually all of them are saying one thing: They lived like there is no God, and this kind of life will ultimately taking you to unhappiness and to your own destruction.

I rather prefer to be anonymous and happy than famous and unhappy. What about you?


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