Facing My Goliath

by John Urs

Every dayEvery day is a challenge for every Christian and Nonchristian, but sometimes is more than this…

Today it was a very special day for me.

Through the benevolence of? www.sermoncentral.com I’ve had the privilege to be part of one hour phone conference with Christian pastor and author Max Lucado. Of course the message was about facing our giants.

I was really touched and I can’t hide my feelings and joy from you my friends. As each one of you I have my own battles to fight with my own giants, but today I understood once again that I can win this battle not because of my abilities – but because of my God.

The tendency we have when we face a big challenge in life is to focus on two things: first, the difficulty of the obstacle and? second, our own weakness. This is what
happened with the Israel’s army when they faced the challenge of Goliath, they were afraid because they were focusing on his power and in the same time on
their weakness.

In this dramatic situation here comes David, a teenager without war experience and practice, but having a way stronger weapon – his experienced faith in God.
David is not focusing on his inexperience and neither on the strength of the enemy, but his message is: “In the Name of the Lord…”

Again, I’m deeply touched understanding this simple truth: by faith they… (read Hebrews ch 11), in other words: IN THE NAME OF THE LORD… This is our only
chance to defeat our giant, to attack him in the Name of the Lord!

Are you suffering of a secret sin, the luck of prayer, ignorance toward God’s Word, fornication, etc…Your only chance is Jesus Christ, only Him can defend the Giant.
Your power is in your weakness (2 Cor. 12:10) in your meekness, and that’s why now is the time to come before your God and confess that you are in a desperate need
for His power and deliverance. Stop looking for help to others, but look in the right place.

May God help you to face and defeat your giant! And don?t forget: with God you need only one stone to defeat Goliath? :)))))


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