MeDeEa – de Ben Todica, text GEORGE ANCA

„George Anca is a Romanian writer, born in 1944, author of over 50 books of poetry, prose, education, anthropology, e.g. „Invocations” (1968), „Indian apokalipse” (9 vols.), „The Ibsenians” (7 vols). He is member of Romanian Writers Union, president-founder of the International Academy „Mihai Eminescu”, president of Romanian-Indian Cultural Association.

He was for many years visiting professor of Romanian language at Delhi University, India, and, since 1984, for 30 years, conducted two major libraries of Romania, mainly the National Library of Education. Among publications created by him are: „Latinitas”, „Liber”, „Trivium”. In literary anthropology he approached „the beauty of peoples”, „recognition”, „anthropology of joy”, „beauty of prison”.”

Fiona Jordan


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