Richard Wurmbrand : “My enemies reproach me.”

PSALM 42:10

Christians have to be warned against anti-Semitism, as well as against white and black racism. One of the great dangers is the widespread anti-American feeling. It is just like the anti-Jewish hatred in the past generation, unreasonable and unpleasant to God.

The United States provides 80 percent of the finances and 60 percent of the staff for the world mission of the church. The collapse of America would be a collapse of the entire missionary effort. Therefore criticism of America is propagated by the devil.

As the Jews were described as usurers and deceivers, now the lie is spread that rich America is ruining the poor nations. When the West established its first contacts with the Third World it was already far ahead of them. The white settlers of South Africa also were far ahead of the black population from the beginning. They do not owe their privileged economic situation to the exploitation of the backward nations.

It is true that Americans and other whites consume too much. It is to be noted, however, that per capita production in America exceeds production in India by more than the difference in consumption, allowing it not only to pay for the consumption, but also to give foreign aid.

The whites did not cause the Third World to become poor. They are the only help for these people to overcome poverty.

Beware of anti-Americanism as the devil’s tool to destroy the greatest support of mission work and of freedom of religion in the whole world.



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