United Kingdom: Legal Intimidation in the Florin Barbu Case


Not only is Florin Barbu being threatened with jail time by proceedings in the London Borough of Haringey family court for posting pictures of his children and information about the homosexual couple who is trying to adopt his children, but now the lawyers against Mr Barbu have taken it to the next level.

Threatening letters went out to Facebook users on the other side of the world who shared Mr Barbu’s posts, asking them to seek urgent legal advice because they are being taken to court. 

Following his children’s confiscation by the British CPS, Florin Barbu has not seen them in over a year. He protested his children’s upcoming forced adoption with an 18 day hunger strike in France in front the European Court of Human Rights, but his failing health caused him to stop the hunger strike and continue a regular protest.

He has been posting videos everyday updating a large following on Facebook about how the system is stacked against him, defying family court orders to not post pictures of his children.

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Source: Delight in Truth


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