Barnevernet, sub lupa BBC-ului


by dr. Emanuel Conțac

Am spus-o în repetate rânduri: Barnevernet-ul norvegian este un sistem inuman, un behemothcare calcă în picioare legături afective, familii, vieți.

O anchetă BBC îmi întărește această impresie și scoate la iveală noi realități-horror. Remarcabil este că între criticii duri ai sistemului Barnevernet există și membri proeminenți ai societății norvegiene.

Precum se vede, cazul familiei Bodnariu ocupă un loc important în materialul făcut de reporterul britanic.

Mai jos un fragment din reportajul BBC. Tot textul AICI.


Once a pillar of the establishment – he was personally appointed to his job by the King of Norway – Yngve is now a bitter critic of his country’s child welfare policy.

„I grew up believing that Norway was the best system in the world, best for children, the UN are saying this all the time, and then I discovered that this cannot be the case,” he says.

„At first I thought that this case that we had experienced must be one in a million. There just can’t be more madness than this. And when I showed my face on TV in connection with this, a lot of people have contacted me, and they have showed me other stories that are even worse than the one that I have experienced.

„I am a senior civil servant, and I should really be a defender of Norway, and normally I am, but here it is something extremely wrong.”



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