One thought on “ben-oni-ardelean-si-titus-corlatean-citati-in-dagen

  1. Knut Nygaard

    I am a chistian who have worked with this kind of cases since 1987. In this case we all know that the child welfare workers and the police interferred out of information given by the family’s to oldest children of violence in the home and towards them in a manner that the teachers could not keep silent about. The father is not happy to give information about why the child care and police did as they did and he is not sure that his children will return home ever. I can assure you that if this case was about some minor violence abuse the children and the parents normally are in a process where they talk and have a dialog where their lawyer helps the parents to understand what they can say without danger for imprisonment for violence and what they can admit so the child care finds a starting point for what can be done so reconciliation may occur the sooner the better. Christians are not persecuted in Norway – that’s nonsense. The father in this family wants peace. The situation must be solved in Nausdal. The demonstrations does not help the family because it is buildt on false accusations – lies about the child care and Norway. You’re all been goin’ wrong. It’s time to question yourself – do we know the truth about the interfering av the child care – an interfering that must have a legal documentation to a paragraph in the norwegian law for child care.
    Neither you nor me know on what grounds the child welfare care did it’s actions, but I can assure you that they need a verdict based on the norwegian child care law § 4-6, second which has to be confirmet by the Fylkesnemd within 6 weeks. We have passed that date and the father sounds less optimistic now. He has the right understanding – the case has to be solved in the local era and it’s of cause a case between the parents as legal parts – they have the right to choos free legal assistance from any laywer office – and the other part is the child welfare care and the contense of their verdict. Romania is of cause no legal part – neither the pentacostals or the christians in general. It’s all about violence and if that can be sorted out and of cause – the children must think it’s safe to return.

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