The Laws of Happiness

by John Urs

Everybody is looking for happiness. It doesn?t matter if you are poor or rich, illiterate or educated, if you live in USA or in the poorest country in Africa, you?re still looking for this?For most of the people happiness is like they?re chasing a ghost, they think they see it, but they can never say they have it.

Many people are confusing happiness with possessing things or achieving some high career goals, or having great accomplishments in the family. Every time they are accomplishing some of these they realize that their happiness is much shorter than they?ve imagined.

David says in Psalms: ?But as for me, my happiness is to draw near to God? (Ps. 73:28). This is the only way somebody can be happy to have a personal relationship with Lord Jesus Christ.

The first law of happiness is to know the Lord and to be known by Him. Many people today are calling themselves Christians and are claiming they know the Lord, but is the Lord knowing them too? It?s not enough to say that you know the Lord, you have to be known by Him. I can easy say that I know the president of US, but does he know who am I ?

In the Scripture knowledge means more than information and intellectual knowledge, it means a real meeting with Jesus Christ and the experience that?s coming with this. Do you really know Him ? If you?re longing for happiness you have to obey this law.

The second law of happiness is to set and follow the right priorities in your life.? But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.? (Mt. 6:33).

Many of us are unhappy because we are not following the right priorities. We are worried about any other thing except about following God?s priorities. We have to focus to pursue two things:

– God?s Kingdom

– God?s character

God?s Kingdom means to accept to submit ourselves to Jesus? lordship and to help others to submit to Him too. We are not happy because we are disobedient. We are interested in our own agenda and after that we are blaming God for our failures. We want to be our own masters and make God our obedient servant. We try to manipulate God and we are so desolated when we realize that He cannot be manipulated.

God?s character is the plan that God has with us through the work of His Son and through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. He wants us to be like Christ. Actually the word ?Christian? means to be a little Christ or to be like Christ. It?s amazing how people, even the Christians are interested in all kind of business and stuff, but not in the real things that can bring them happiness. The, y want to do things for Jesus, but not to be like Jesus. God is more interested in our character than in our ministry.

The third law of happiness is the law of blessing. You can?t earn your happiness through your own effort and actions. Happiness is the gift of God for those who are fearing Him, for those who are longing for Him, and for His glory and grace. Like salvation happiness is a ministry of grace. So, stop working your own happiness following your own ways ?Be still and know that He is God.?

If you want to have the real happiness you?ll be amazed what God will bring in your life and about the freedom that you have in Him. You?ll discover that your happiness in Him is transcending circumstances and people and is following you always, in every circumstance.

The true happiness is God who is giving Himself to you through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

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