Give for the Holidays!

In a classy, upscale environment in BH at the Celebrity Vault gallery, where art was the liaison and the promoter of Help a Life Foundation, a supportive crowd generously donated for a more than complex project of housing and educating orphan girls in Ethiopia. 100% of the proceeds went for bettering the life of the unfortunate ones, who need and rely on this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change their life around.

Among the honorees were Ambassador Taye Selassie; actor Said Faraj, Editor-in-chief and founder of Beverly Hills Times Magazine – Suzanne Takowsky; Editor-in-chief and founders of Bel-Air Magazine – Melanie and Rick Amor; humanitarian and Celebrity Society Magazine’s spokesperson – Tracy Saunders, Curtis Williams, Editor-in-chief of Melrose Heights Magazine, Giacomino Drago from Il Pastaio, Mauro from Mauro’s Cafe at Fred Segal’s, Aura Imbarus, author of the Pulitzer Prize nominated memoir “Out of the Transylvania Night,”  and many more spent the evening entertained by a touch of Africa.

The Ethiopian Dance Troupe along with the West African Drummers brought Africa to
Beverly Hills.  The pulsating drum beats had a crowd of Beverly Hillers trying to get into a packed Celebrity Vault gallery.  KCRW DJ Daylight and Ethiopian DJ Son Zoo kept the theme of Africa going until midnight as the beautiful Help a Life volunteers called “Blue Angels” wearing sequined transparent tops mingled with the crowd.

With the help of our sponsors from Mastro’s Steakhouse and Cristophe Salon in Beverly Hills to the Mondrain Hotel Agua Spa, this red carpet holiday soiree was made possible, and the life of these orphans’ girls will be tailored in better and brighter shades forever.

Aura Imbarus, PhD
Los Angeles, California

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