Friendship: Another Word for Love

By Aura Imbarus,
author of “Out of the Transylvania Night”
Living in a human Babylon, it is hard to find people who you can resonate with and who can truly decode your messages. If you can count the fingers of one hand, and you have as many friends, you are lucky.  The ones comforting you in difficult situations, smiling as nothing had happened, the ones touching and holding your hands when the bridges are burnt and the paths contorted or erased are the few ones, the unique one who you can call friends.
When your spirits sag, they caress you; when your tears wash your cheeks, they embrace you; when grief intrudes, they stand tall and unbeatable in your destiny’s trail.  They take you the way you are; they sing with you in happiness and weep with you in sadness. They bring beauty into your world and leave it flawless. They give you confidence when you lack, they give you faith when you deny it; they give you courage when you are weak, they show you patience when you are at the end of your rope, they love you the way you love yourself. They are your friends, and you are lucky!
The person who accepts you with your weirdness and upbeat personality, with your petty things and crazy, overwhelming emotions, with your scattered past and rocky present, is your friend. He is the one who respects your roots, smoothens your present, and brightens your future.
And as we already know, they are “hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.”
In this round world, you will meet people who forget you as you forget others. But once in a blue moon, you encounter that face that will stay with you, imprinted on your mind and carved in your heart for the rest of your life.
They are and will be there for you, no matter how the road of your life will twist and turn, how many ups and downs you will have on your rollercoaster ride, and how many people will come in and out of your journey. They were there and will be there for you. You know them, and they know you, and still they love you. Well, that is called unconditional friendship.
So, can you count them on the fingers of one hand?

One thought on “Friendship: Another Word for Love

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